Back to the Future

Is time travel possible in a car given a Delorean can be rebuilt and we can find a flux capacitor or some other equally compelling technology? Every time you get close enough to those investigating alien visitation, then we are dealing with either developing technology to combat an alien threat or backward engineering captured technology.  if that premise has got you to stop reading, then anything is possible.  It only takes a little Google search to speak with people that have stated that they have participated in time travel.   One of the programs was labeled the Pegasus Project.  So the question is quite simple, which car would be best suited for time travel.  When I say time travel and I am talking more about portals of going from one location to the next instantly.  The question is not whether this exists or not, but rather would cool ride do we want to take on this trip.  If this is at all true, I want to go in a Suburban that would allow me to bring whatever cool things could be needed at the end destination as well as all of my friends. If I go to the California Coast, I will bring a surf board and scuba diving gear.  If I go to Alaska, then winter clothing and a big old gun.  If Florida, then just my childhood fantasies of going to Disney World.

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