Datsun 1979 280zx

The Datsun 280zx is my all-time favorite car.  I remember trying out for a under 16 soccer traveling team and the coach rolled up in t silver and blue two tone Datsun 280zx.  I had never seen a car just say “cool” like this one.  The sleek design and the power that the car had just screamed for me to own one.  Now I would inherit a Vega as my first car, so it only made me want a car of this caliber all the more.  The car just made me feel good to just be around it.  the only other interesting designs of the day from my perspective were the Camaro, Transam or the Corvette.  All had sleek lines, but this design was so unique to anything else out on the market.  I almost cried when I saw the 300zx looking like a Porsche instead of keeping the unique design that was absolutely amazing.  To this day I am looking for the opportunity to own one on my own terms.  My wife may not understand it, but it is just on the bucket list of things I need to own.  I would wager that everyone has that one car that they want above all others and left an imprint on you.  I remember weekend after weekend going on these soccer caravans to travel to soccer games or tournaments following that lead car. That sleek derby looking car that called to me.  I wish you all the one car that takes you back to a ,magical time in your youth.  Own not for how well it runs today, but rather for triggering that memory of how cool it was.

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