Driverless Cars

Well ten years ago we attained driverless car capabilitiy as seen in the movies, specifically iRobot.  The technology works, and there are some glitches, but it seems to be more of a political discussion rather than a technology discussion.  The technology exists.  The technology exists with electric cars.  While this can seem super cool, some kinks still need to be worked out in both drawbacks in having an electric car and using the driverless technology.

If your closest service center or fueling location is a long distance away, then it can make a choice for electric seem like a pain more times than not.  If that is not an issue, than little things like the car’s technology can interpret commands from a Policeman directing traffic.  It cannot take inputs from a temporary street signal.  The car also cannot determine harmless debris in the road, causing the vehicle to swerve to avoid potentially harmless thinks in the rod.  New roads, the car will go excessively slow if it does not have all necessary data.

The question becomes whether this is a need or not.  I think with elderly folks or impaired drivers, this could provide an amazing benefit.  But if the idea is to catch a few winks while the software is driving the car, that not to smart.  If something goes awry, you want to be able to take over controls manually.

We are in a brave new world where change has come. Whether all change is good is yet to be seen.

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