Ford Fiesta ST 2013

The Ford Fiesta ST 2013 has great balance.  This car is flat out fun to drive.  This car does not require any more muscle.  It will remind some of you of the older GTI.  This is turbo-charged, excitement injected excellence.  The breaking system is a well partnered with the muscle and acceleration of the Fiesta ST.  The Fiesta ST 2013 hs a 1.6 liter turbo, 4 cylinders creating 197 HP.  It also features the thrilling 6 speed manual shift.  Once you get into third gear you will get an overboost of 21 psi that will last 20 second over the 18.9 that comes standard.  So from 3 rd gear to 6th, you will have another perk of power.The car is roomy and has function on top of the fun.

The Ford Fiesta ST is finally letting the name of Fiesta finally ring true.  The suckerfish front-end will likely bring in a new breed of young bloods who will appreciate every bit of bounce they get when they shift.

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