Hyundai in The Potomac River

I remember when I was maybe 19 years old.  I was attending a community college and still staying home with my parents.  I remember my Dad asking me if I wanted to fish on the Potomac River.  I said, Absolutely.  The idea was to take Cars to a pick up point down river and then take other cars with the Canoes up river to start a downstream fishing excursion.  Most of the folks had battery operated motors for trolling.  The part of the Potomac River was not too far outside of Washington DC.  I shared a Canoe with my Dad and we left my Hundai down stream.  It would be the car we put the canoe on at the end of the trip and drive back to get the cars used for our drop off.

The great challenge is that anchoring was tough with the strength of the current. So we would float an inevitably get stuck on Rocks.  The River was between four and six foot deep.  The Canoe we were in felt like we were going to tip over at any moment so I was on edge the entire time.  I think we may have caught seven to eight small mouth bass a piece.  The interesting thing about the Small mouth bass in that part of the river is how much fight they would give you.  The small mouth were no more than 12 or 13 inches, but the fought and broke water to add to the overall excitement.  Using four or six pound test mad it that much more exhilarating.  Eventually nightfall was upon us and we were making it down to where we had parked the cars. By the time we pulled the Canoes on shore it was pitch black.


Their were no lights, no streetlights, just dark and just river.  I remember back my car down the steep ramp towards the dark and erie river without being able to see a thing.  I had no idea how close to the water i actually was.  This was a fun time being out like one of the guys with my Dad’s work buddies.  I had  a stick shift that I was okay on, but not on steep inclines.  As I put the car into first I was actually trying to move further away from the river that I assumed was really close.  What happened is that I gave gas, but not enough cluth and I just started flying bling backwards to the river. Once I realized what was happening, I threw on the brakes and put the car in park and with beat red cheeks I asked my dad to drive my car up the ramp so that I did not lose it in the potomac river that day.  My dad kindly grabbed the keys, drove it up the ramp no problem and emergency averted. thanks Dad.  This story is just a back story for my when I sunk the canoe in the Lake.  It was adult swim.  More to come on that story.

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