Miracle on Ice

vega in gray

I remember when I was going to college my senior year.  I had two friends that I had gone to college with both at community college and then to a University in Baltimore.  After our junior year play college athletics, the college decided to end its sports program.  This meant that we would not be able to play our final year or at least not for this college.  The good news is that we were eligible to go somewhere else and play in the fall.

My two friends joined me on the adventure to play soccer in College in North Carolina.  After the fall semester, I decided to graduate from the school in North Carolina and my friends decided to finish up at the previous University in Baltimore.

That meant I was on my own, for this 400 mile journey south.  I felt a bot lost without them and was really heading out on my own.  I remember waiting to head out, because I did not want to leave friends and family, but snow was coming.  The resources in Maryland were not the same resources that states in the Northeast have.  Not as many plows or as many salt trucks.  I remember heading out and getting on Route 95 south of Laurel and the roads seemed okay.  It looked like they had been plowed and recently salted.

Then you could see a hard white line ahead as though the snow plows and snow trucks looked at each others and realized as they looked everyone on the rod comfortably driving 55 miles per hour were going to say there prayers as the sae the sheet of ice and snow and no way to break before getting up on top of the snow. Once there a couple of things happened.  First everything seemed to move in slow motion.  A couple of seconds in which I was no longer on control of my car.  I saw my car starting to slide sideways in the rig that hauls 18 wheel trailers.  I knew that bad things were going to happen if I struck that rig.  Plan B was to counter-steer away from the truck and take my luck with what ever the alternative path would offer. I spun like a twirley bird and ran off the interstate and down an embankment,   Th blessing was that my car was cradlesd by the ravene. Neither my car or my person had any injury.  I took a could of deep breaths annd was able to drive the car our of the gally.  After about an hour sitting alongside the road Then I figure I was ready to get me trip started agaim


Missing friends, escaping death, feeling more alive and now I only have six more hours to drive to get to my empty apartment.  My chevy Vega saved my bacon a lot and was thrilled it piloted me through a couple of difficult years.

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