2013 Audi A7

Audi A7

After being introduced to the buying public in 2012, the 2013 Audi A7 only boast modest changes. The A7 is a sedan with the look of a coupe.  The design has the roof tapered down to the tail of the car, which provides a fresh new look that many enthusiast love.  The car looks like a hatch-back with ample room for storage of luggage, groceries and what nots.  The sleek design of the roof actually diminishes the headroom in the back seat.  Not really design for adults in the back seat.  If you have short adult friends, then you are good to go transporting them all over town.  The A7 has performance written all over it.  If you like gizmos and gadgets, the Audi A7 will not disappoint.

In this same class, Mercedes, BMW and Porsche have strong alternatives.  The thing I like about the A7 is that it is exceptional in all aspects providing a great balanced score card.  If you are looking for a luxury car without any major trade-offs then the A7 is a great selection.  If you want a luxury car, but are looking for an economic version again the A7 is top of list.

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