When I got a flat I praised God

I remember that I was doing a sales call about three hours from home.  When I am traveling I try to talk with people on the phone to help the time pass by quicker.  On one of those occasions I was speaking to my wife.  One thing that you need to know about me is that I do not multi-task well. meaning if I am talking on the phone then I am all in. That also means that everything else is on standby.  I have on many occasions when driving I would be speaking with someone in the passenger seat and as I am talking my speed starts to go down to 35 on a 55 mile an hour highway.  Once I see that my speed has dropped I stop talking until I get back at a speed that I can then set the cruise control to so that I can continue on with my conversation.

To that end I was driving and speaking to my wife for about forty five minutes.  That is what caused me to miss my turn and drive about 40 miles north of my exit. So global positioning had me going over the mountains. i went across the high peaks of Massachusetts in the western part of the state.  As I was traveling through the mountains, obviously the grade of the road change quite a bit. At the same time I had no shoulder and the road were starting to get icy.  I soldiered on because I was late for a meeting at my church so I pushed the speed as best I could, while being aware of the worsening conditions.  At this point I was pretty tired from a long day at work. It is usually a mental exhaustion after I have presented to a customer and then physical exhaustion because of the distance I have to cover in order to sell to them.

Fortunately I rolled into the meeting on time and had a great exchange with my brothers at church.  On the way out I am spent.  I get to my car to find that I had a flat tire.  The parking lot was almost a sheet of ice.  I took a breath and thanked God for getting me to the church safely. I had an entire parking lot to spread out to change the tire without having to worry about being run over on an icy mountain road with no shoulder.  I know when we see circumstances, we can look at it from a negative perspective.  When we can find time to give thanks in when circumstances seem dire, then we have a chance to be at peace and happy.  Sometimes peace and happiness seem to be out of our control.  But if we can find time to give thanks even in bad times, then I think both peace and happiness are right around the corner.

So I finished changing the tire and drove safely to my home about five miles away. So peace and happiness be with you.  If you said thank you, then I say you are welcome.

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